Friday, March 17, 2006

Rahul Dravid - the greatest test batsman ever?

If greatness is measured by consistent performance over a long period of time, one can't help but pondering on the following not-so-trivial record. Currently Rahul Dravid is the only test batsman to be in the top ten list for both average and the number of runs. He is ninth (March 17, 2006) sixth (July 4th, 2006) in both lists.

The top ten in the list of most runs are : Lara, Border, Waugh, Tendulkar, Gavaskar, Gooch, Miandad, Richards, Dravid and Stewart.

The top ten in the list of batting average are: Bradman, Pollock, Headley, Suttcliffe, Paynter, Barrington, Weekes, Hammond, Dravid and Sobers.

This is a tremendous achievement - one which seems to be a little under-appreciated in Indian cricket media. So a timely congratulations to the Indian captain on the verge of his hundredth test! This is even more timely because Ponting is breathing down his neck. He is eleventh on both lists.

I know arguments about the greatest test batsman are meaningless and futile - particularly when one is comparing different eras. Statistics can never measure greatness either. The title of this post is a hyperbole, but that can probably be excused on an important day in Indian captain's life.


Akash said...

very nice observation.

hutumthumo said...

astute and timely observation. hope the word spreads.

PrathaP said...

Great Observation.... Made Rahul's Die Hard Fans like me very Happy.

ChilledBeer said...

You should be PM of india man...I noticed this too. Too bad RD doesnt get enuff appreciation for his contributions
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Siddhartha De said...

I think with an average of 58.75, Rahul is sixth on the list now, a bit above Ken Barrington. Except for Bradman, the others above him have played less than 50 tests.. so Rahul is next only to Bradman really.

Also, he is very high on the list of maximum double hundreds ( 5 till now, all against strong opposition).

Although I am an incorrigible bong, and is very sore about the way in which our dear Sourav has been eased out,I think I will agree that from a statistical perspective, he is one of the ten greatest batsmen the world has seen till now. All Indians should be proud of this man.

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