Sunday, January 06, 2008

Atrocious Umpiring


Mithun said...

A few trivial observations, in no particular order of importance:

1. The "Halo Effect" in umpiring/other administrative decision making in this game is a story harking back to generations before ours. Closer home, recall the XYZ vs.Mumbai in the Ranji Trophy ties.

2. What I find somewhat discordant is how the "Aussie" spirit manifests itself on and off the greens. Well, to my knowledge the West Indies caps had a loftier and better sense of equanimity.

3. Our batting on the Australian matting leaves a tall order of lacunae to be redeemed.

4. Kumble has exuded some amazing grace, poise and composure in the face of fireballing from some quarters. A sportsman par excellence.

5. We do need a coach/manager/mentor what have you. The succession plan in Indian cricket is either invisible or levered on some expected miracle.

6. This is unrelated to the present spiel - why don't you key in more often? I've been looking forward for quite some time now.

Dipanjan Chattopadhyay said...

Thanks for the comment, Mithun.

1. Yes, nothing new. But one interesting question is how long it takes for changing power/money balances to modify deeply entrenched "halo-effect"s. Notice Proctor's verdict -- how, in the absence of any evidence whatsoever, he instinctively trusts Hayden/Clarke/Ponting more than Sachin/Harbhajan.

2. Aussies have always been hypocrites. They can not take what they dish out. They will never be equals of Lloyd's team no matter what stats say.

3. Agree. But it started looking better in this test and that's why the umpiring and double standards were even more frustrating. They ruined what could bave been a great test match.

4. Kumble's determination, poise and fighting spirits are second-to-none. But we are still missing Ganguly-the-captain.

5. What is a plan? We have billion people. We like the odds of 11 talented individuals emerging, somehow.

6. I am a slacker. But I will try.

Mithun said...

A slacker, eh? I didn't expect the response this early, must say.

The one thing I fail to appreciate about BCCI's attitude towards "developing" cricketing talent as a systemic effort is their quasi-prescient mindset. These buggers always seem to "know" what's the best way forward. When were we world beaters, anyway, barring the Dada and the 1983-85 phases?

A flurry of of outperformances has been treated as given and not as outliers in at least the Bell Curve model. If the pitches continue to be featherbeds or dead tracks, we're kissing our chances of revival good bye.

So much for Indian cricket. May be I'd e-mail you my thoughts some day.

Now, again, an aside. Have you been tracking Mohun Bagan's performance in the recent past? Another topic perhaps not worthy of putting up here, I know, but one that has pained me immensely. I guess the colours of happiness never fail to inspire.