Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Lady And The Trump

He walks a good walk and allows Trump to get near the second base, but can Giuliani sweet-talk and seduce the anti-gay pro-life base? Even though these are very early days, if talk radio is any indication -- and who can deny its importance after the whole immigration bill fiasco -- the base is still busy in debating Romney's electability and trying to figure out who this Fred Thompson guy really is. Not much love for Rudy yet, except when his gown is compared against Hillary's of course -- the visceral hatred of Hillary among the dittoheads has to be heard to believe.


bongopondit said...

Do you still listen to talk radio ? I used to for a while - that plus OReily provided hours of entertainment. Then it became boring.

Anyway, Guliani is trying - last I heard he was kissing up to Pat Robertson.

Dipanjan said...

Yes, during the commute for about an hour a day. Have been doing so for more than five years and I must say it has been insightful. I particularly like the second-tier conservative hosts who do not hog the mike all the time and give callers more time. The format is quite useful in understanding a section of the country I do not get to interact with and disagree with on most issues.

Dipanjan said...

This is a good read.

Rimi said...

I fear to tread on territory beyond my ken (as it were), but what is a dittohead? A yesman? Of the PSU-creed?

Dipanjan said...

Yes, sort of yesman. It usually refers to faithful listeners of Rush Limbaugh's show, but can be generalized to include other conservative talk show listeners who agree with and appreciate whatever the hosts say.

The official definition --

Faithful listeners to The Rush Limbaugh Show. As Limbaugh often explains in his books and radio show, these are not neccesairly those who agree with his views. Rather, they are people who love Rush's show and what he's doing, and hope he never stops doing it. The term came into use because callers would frequently begin by giving praise and thanks to Limbaugh. Knowing that the caller’s and listener’s time is valuable, Limbaugh encouraged callers to simply say, “Dittos,” and then get right to their point. Thus, long-time listeners would begin their calls with “Dittos, Rush,” leading to the term “dittoheads.” The term is also used pejoratively by critics of Limbaugh, who claim that his listeners simply copy his political views without any independent thought